The Music Room – Worship is a lifestyle

Thank you Lord.  You are so faithful.

It’s the Easter season; remember this season is not about Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs or Bun & Cheese.  This season is to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, who came on this earth as man and died in our/your place.

Surrendering to Christ Jesus completely!!!!

May God bless you all.  🙂

Can you relate?????  Well I sure can.

Giving God our undivided attention

All the glory belongs to God Almighty

God is our STRENGTH!! 🙂


Let us worship the King of Kings today!!!  Jesus Christ is Lord!!!!

No rock shall praise Him in my place.  What about you?

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

Live your life to the fullest today! Don’t be too hard on yourself or others! Make the most of every opportunity to do good today.

Have a blessed day yall!!!!!

God loves you! I love you! You are fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ Jesus.


Talk soon :)

Hey Yall,

This is my first time listening to this song or even hearing about this artist but something click when I really listened to the lyrics of this song.  There is a deep conviction to ensure that I am worshiping Christ Jesus with my life and not only with my voice or the words I write in these blogs.

Jesus Christ loves you and gave up His life for you.  He also took it up again for you.  How can you know the God of heaven and earth?  Well, it’s quite simple actually.  First you tell him of all your wrong doings, tell Him you are sorry and mean it of course.  If you are not being sincere, He will know.  Then you ask Him to forgive you and you ask Jesus Christ to come into your hearts and be Lord.  Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and to lead you to someone or others whom He will use to help you to understand Him more.

Love you. God loves you.  You are special.  Big hug to you, yeah YOU!


Talk soon


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