The conversation – cont.

conversation with God

Jamie: Lord, what are you talking about; I have been wearing your armor. It’s just that, all the hardships as you call them are coming at me all at once. I have no time to recover from the first, before two-ten start coming at me. No wonder my shield of faith is just about totally destroyed. Too much pressure from those darts Lord. Can’t you do something about it?

The Lord: child, do you think I am just sitting on my throne, doing nothing? That I am just here basking in my glory as God and not working out your life and every single person’s life on the earth. To add to that, most of you are so difficult to please. You ask for something I give it to you then it doesn’t play out how you want it; you cry, complain and even keep malice with me because you blame me for your bad choices. Not realizing that the longer you stay away from me is the more difficult your lives become. Why you might ask: well, when you no longer abide under the shadow of Me the Almighty; you are then left vulnerable, out in the open for the enemy to wound you and for some to be killed.

Jamie: Lord, you mean, you would sit back and allow your children to be killed because we chose to move from underneath your shadow? That seems cold God.

The Lord: cold (with hurt and disappointment in His voice) my precious child, have you forgotten this act of love for you and the world? the-crucifixion-teaser-panel-2
I have given you and all my children everything you all need to live this life on earth victoriously. I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents, scorpions and over all the power of the enemy. I have even stated that nothing shall in anyway harm you and My word is final BUT if you decide not to use this authority and decide not to live in this authority then you will be destroyed. I didn’t create robots; I created human beings and I gave them a will, along with the opportunity to make their own choices. I AM The I AM that I AM and I don’t need to defend myself to you but because of my love, grace and mercies, I will continue this conversation.

The Lord: Jamie I feel every hurt you go through; I know that you can’t understand that now because it doesn’t seem that way but when I came on this earth as man I went through all the emotional test that you go through. I was like you, a human being.

Jamie: Lord……….

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