The conversation

conversation with God
Jamie: Dear Lord I am caught between a rock and a hard place.

The Lord: What do you mean child?

Jamie: Don’t you already know? After all, you are God the all-knowing God.

The Lord: Don’t get cheeky child. You better recognize to whom you speak.

Jamie shudder with reverent fear.

Jamie: I am so sorry Lord, please forgive me.

The Lord: not to worry child. I know your heart, that you are sincerely sorry. There is therefore no condemnation for those who are mine.

Jamie: much oblige Lord. Anyway Lord, this is my situation. I am so afraid of what’s coming.

The Lord: What’s coming?

Jamie: will you let me finish.

The Lord: JAMIE!!!!

Jamie: oh yea, sorry God. Well this is it; I am not quite sure how to trust you in this particular situation. I mean, every scenario I come up with in my head ends badly for me. They all end with me having to bear a combo kind of excruciating hurt.

The Lord: I understand what you are going through but

Jamie cuts in before the Lord could finish what He was saying

Jamie: Lord please just let me finish. So as I was saying, I do not think I am strong enough to go through this. I know that you are in control but you have allowed me to go through a lot of pain already and I fear that this is just another. You have tried to comfort me by sending people to share their experiences, along with your word but then others come to stuff your word down my throat and worst there are those who tell me to get busy and keep myself occupied aka “the band-aid effect”. These do not work. some makes me feel better for a short while but no significant aid.

The Lord: Remember Jamie, living for me is not about feelings; it is about having faith and trusting in me. If you can’t….

Jamie cuts in again.

Jamie: Lord I know all of that. I know some of your word. For instance, In Acts when Paul formally known as Saul was crying out to you to take some sort of weakness or temptation from him; he said that in his weakness You are made strong. so Lord I am not totally ignorant about Your word. The thing is that Your word makes me feel better when I meditate on it and rehearse it but then the fiery dartsand-then-the-fire-took.jpg.crop_display becomes more frequent and hotter and I lose focus because it burns.

The Lord: My dear child. The apple of my eye. I have given you My armor; why don’t you wear all of it? I know it is not fashionable but it will make your live MUCH easier and by the way I never said you wouldn’t have to go through some hardships.


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