Where is your God now; our enemies ask?


The word of God is our sword but there are times when certain situations are just so heavy and consuming, you have no strength to breathe the word. You hear people saying God is going to come through and make it better and you think I know He is working for our good but when.

When God? When?

I have been battling with a certain situation or circumstance for so many years and one minute I feel strong enough but then the next I feel like it is vacuuming my every last breath. I just can’t do it; I can’t win this one. I have tried and tried and tried but it is too strong for me. I am tired and sore from the beatings it has inflicted on me for so many years. God You say I am more than a conqueror but right now I am in retreat mode; running and hiding from those boxing gloves of my enemies. He is out to kill, steal and destroy me; I see him closing in for the kill and I am too weak to lift up my shield of faith. Satan asks where is your God now? See, He is not coming through for you: He is coming through for everybody else but you. Your life situations are pathetic and that means so are you; if you don’t believe that; you are living in denial.

To add: you feel as if there is no one to talk to because they might look down on you because they think that you should have past this place and be more matured by now. Which makes you feel even more defeated and conquered. You can see the disappointment in their eyes and you feel the lack of confidence they have in you because you are still struggling with certain situations.

Well people, this by no means mean that God is not God; no matter what our problems are; He is still the Almighty God and He truly is working it out for our good. Jesus Christ is Lord.

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Shalom and Hope those who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful day.

Hugs everyone.