Lamenting is over :)

Hi all,

It felt great letting out all that feelings and emotions. I think many of us believe that it is wrong to be honest with God about our true feelings. God wants us to share everything with Him, even the bad stuff. David, Job and other men of old lamented to God about what was going on with them. They spoke about those who hurt them and how they felt. God already knows our hearts and what we are going to say even before we say it but to build relationship we need to communicate and be totally honest.

There can be negative aspects of lamenting; this is when the lamenting turns to just complaining and wallowing in self-pity. This is when we continuously entertain the lies of satan and then believe that they are true.

Lamenting is: a way to release the builded up emotions, reminding God of His promises or communicating with Him and it could also help you to keep things in perspective.

I am sleepy. Good night yall.

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