W.W.J.D. – (What would Jesus do?)

WWJD 2Friends! Howdy,

I have been so busy with school assignments and work! work! work!

Lately, I have felt anxious about my life.  You know, asking questions such as where am I heading, is this where I want to go, how will I ever be able to achieve  certain things in life, will I ever get married or have children, do I even want to get married and I could go on.   W e all know that when anxiety sets in, that means we have been entertain thoughts from our number one enemy and no, it’s not your sister, that mean classmate or that envious colleague.  It’s Satan, the devil and his demons.

Then the abbreviation W.W.J.D. came to me and I froze.  I really could not think of anything that Jesus would do.  The scripture that says, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matt. 6:34, came to my mind first but I was not comforted by it.  When Jesus was on earth as man and He was being tempted in the wilderness, His weapon was the scriptures.  He used the scriptures to extinguished the fiery darts of Satan.   Remembering this comforted me because I was reminded that Jesus Christ understands what I am going through and He has left examples of how I should handle these situation and struggles.  Use the scriptures and spend a lot of time communicating, listening and being obedient to God.

Those cute bracelets we wear with WWJD are not only for style but they are to remind us to look to Christ Jesus in every situations or struggles in our lives.  So, when we are struggling with certain decision, some I have listed below, we should ask what would Jesus do in this situation.   How would He handle this?  Be real with God, be honest!  He is not here to condemn us.

WWJD if His fleshly desire was on over drive?

WWJD if He was making out with His girl and things were getting way to hot sexually?

WWJD if He was being pressured by peers to leave the church for a while and go get a child; God will forgive you, you are not getting any younger?

WWJD if he had no money and he is hungry?  Would He steal and kill?

WWJD if He had a wife and He was tempted to cheat on her?

WWJD on a date?  How far would be too far for Jesus?

WWJD if His employer was, disrespectful, manipulating and arrogant?

WWJD if He got someone pregnant but He was not ready for a child and the responsibility that comes with having a child?  Would He recommend the woman to abort the child?

WWJD if He was having sexual feelings for a male?

WWJD if He felt depressed and hopeless.  Would He attempt to cut Himself or commit suicide?

A lot of us we wear the bracelets with WWJD but when we are placed in situations that we really need to stop and think what would Jesus do, we totally forget or disregard the Holy Spirit’s prompting.  I believe this is how God would want us to live our lives; to everyday and in every situation ask Him what He wants us to do.  We are to be imitators of Christ Jesus, so it is totally fitting to ask WHAT WOULD JESUS DO (W.W.J.D.) 

I don’t know what your situations or struggles are but I would recommend that you find out WWJD before you make another move.   The scriptures are His instructions of what He wants us to do and how He wants us to live.  Let us not live by our emotions but by the word of God.

Love you all in Christ Jesus.

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