God’s word and exercise, a great combination!!


Hey everyone,

My readers should know by now the main reason I started this blog.   A brief recap, I struggled with depression, rejection and I had even become more or less  suicidal.   Anyway, I learned some time ago that I have a hormone imbalance problem.

Now, according to Dr. Maegan Davis of http://www.naturalbodyinbalance.com “Hormones are crucial in how we feel and how healthy we are! They regulate, control and coordinate body functions and are precisely and carefully monitored and controlled by the body.  Hormonal imbalance can be caused from a wide variety of things such as an intense stress situation, ongoing pedal to the metal stress, surgical induced, adrenal or thyroid issues, and more. Any unbalance causes dysfunction or dysregulation of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, sex glands, and/or pituitary glands. This hormonal imbalance causes a multitude of symptoms, pain and emotional distress…” This information explains a lot; oh my gosh!

How to Balance Your Hormones For Better Moods, Better Poop and Better Health

– by Brenna Ortner

Feeling a bit off lately? Moody? Not feeling much love for yourself, your significant other, or  anyone around you? With the lives we live today we can easily throw off our hormones, the balancers and regulators of our bodies. Those mood swings may be your body trying to tell you something.

I suggest you listen.

There are many different symptoms of hormonal imbalances such as low energy, PMS, mood changes, depression, infertility and many more. Ignoring or covering up those symptoms instead of addressing the root cause could cause serious health and reproductive issues. Here are some tips to restore your hormonal balance, get rid of excess estrogen and start feeling back to your normal, happy, healthy, gorgeous self.

Avoid These Foods for Happy Hormones

Wrong food

Food can be the most powerful medicine or the slowest poison, you have the power to choose. When studying and experimenting how to fix my hormonal system I noticed HUGE shifts of decreased pain during my menstrual cycle when taking the following out of my diet (and studies show many others do as well).

Coffee first thing in the morning on an empty stomach can cause your blood sugar to crash & spike for the rest of the day while your body tries to reset itself to a normal balance. If you MUST have coffee have it after eating something. A much healthier option is either tea or even better a green smoothie powering up your body with vitamins, minerals and tons of healthy energy.

Alcohol damages the liver and prevents it from excreting excess estrogen.

Dairy consumption worsens hormonal imbalance because there are so many hormones present in milk. The same goes for meat. Our body is trying to rid of excess estrogen so adding hormones in (and un-natural ones from another mammal at that) is clearly not helping our cause.

Toxins from pesticides (sprayed on non-organic food) and pollution from dry cleaning, antibacterial soaps and other toxins behave like estrogen in your body. Choose natural products and find new, healthier ways to wash your clothes, body and home.

Stress Will Mess With Your Hormones

I can testify to this, whenever I feel overly stressed my emotions are all over the place; I feel totally out of control, thank God for His Holy Spirit that lives within me, He helps me to be self-controlled.  I am not always successful in staying in control.  An old friend of mine can testify to this.  I am so sorry dude!!

Whether it be from nutritional stress, environmental stress, external stress, emotional stress, or even simply worrying about stressful situations, it’s all the same to your body.  Dealing with stress is critical to hormone health.

Your adrenals are an essential part of your hormonal system in your body, they produce DHEA which responds to stress in your body. They are very hard working little adrenals for everything we put them through. Dealing with stress helps relieve the pressure of your adrenals. Take baths, go for walks, practice meditation, breathing methods…..

Slow down and breathe.

How to Build Your Hormone Health

Yes, exercise helps!! 😀 I have started exercise regularly and my emotions are more balanced and I am more calm, most times anyway.

Exercise is very important for overall health, stress relief and of course, balancing hormones. So move your body! You have time. For even 10 minutes. Do something. Aim for 3-5 times a week of either cardio & weight training to build human growth hormone which is a key hormone for strength and longevity.

Constipation worsens hormonal imbalances because your body cannot excrete excess estrogen. When this happens estrogen is re-circulated and dumped back into your bloodstream through the gut after your liver has done the work to get rid of it.

Optimal bowel movements are 3 times a day after each meal. To go more often increase fiber in your diet from vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and beans. Flax seeds in particular are especially helpful in correcting constipation and balancing hormones. Put them in a shake or sprinkle them on salads or food. Flax seeds contain lignans that help balance hormone metabolism and block the negative effects of excess estrogens.

Imbalances in gut bacteria increases the amount of re-absorbtion of estrogen back into the body. Replacing healthy bacteria in the gut also helps normalize estrogen and hormone metabolism. The best way to get healthy bacteria in your gut is to through delicious fermented vegetables.



Most of the information in this piece came from the website above. Visit the site for more info.

I would also advise that we stay away from negative people.  Find friends who are peaceful and humorous, so we can laugh and laugh a lot.  It helps. 😀

This song is a reminder to all of us to smile.

Have a belly full a laugh today!

Talk soon.

3 thoughts on “God’s word and exercise, a great combination!!

  1. Thanks Ms Gordon! This was very important for me to hear at this time especially…May God continue to use you mightily via this medium…May you continue to heal with every letter you type and may the prayers and words of encouragement you express here to God and for others return to you infinity-fold! In the name of Jesus! Amen!

    1. Thanks Dee, I pray He continues to use me as well. I tell you, I was happy to find out this information because I was wondering what was wrong with me. I just had to share it with my readers.

      Take care.

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