Peer pressure vs Morals – Adults this is for us.

Hey you,
How are you doing?  Experiencing the Lord’s presence and favour I hope.
To all the over 24year old women and men, this one is for us.
Society says that by the age 25, we should be married, have our own home or working on it.  We should have two and a half kids by the age of 28 the latest. ( I stole this saying from my friend but she wont mind…haha)   I would just like to take this opportunity to say to society, you need to shut up!  I say this without apology.  If you agree with me give me a  Hi 5 .  Thank you.
Don’t get me wrong now; it is good for us to work towards goals such as having a house, getting married, having kids etc but what if we do not have all those things at the age of 40 or older?  Does that means, there is no hope for us?  I do not believe that and I am not 40.
You know what though, we do allow society to tell us that we are failures and hopeless because we have not achieved what it says we should, when it says we should.  I use to pressure myself into depression. I would  worry about whether or not I will ever get married and have the two and a half children etc. etc.   Guess what!? The word of God says: seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.  This gives me hope; to know that if I seek God and do what He says when He says it, that He will be working out everything for my good. God is faithful.  He is no man’s debtor and His word is yea and amen.  That means, what He says, will be and visa versa.
Here is something else for us to think about, what if God says there will be NO husband or the wife for you?? (long pause for you to think about this seriously)  What would that mean for you???  I say you because I was challenged with this question by one of my pastor some time ago.
Will you succumb to: peer pressure, society, friends, parents, our flesh??  Will you go against your morals and the perfect will of God by getting yoked with an unbeliever/non-Christian?  Could you continue to serve God Almighty, if you are serving Him that is?  It is like the rich man in the bible that asked what he needed to do to have eternal life and Jesus told Him to go sell everything he has and give it to the poor.  🙂
2B continued

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