The battlefield – our MINDS – pt 3

Hey everyone,

I truly hope that everyone that has viewed/read the blogs I write are being impacted positively.

Getting right to it.  It is good to be compassionate and to empathize with those who need it but it can be harmful to sympathize with people who need to be told the truth in love or to be shown some “tough love”.  Have I lost you?  Remember the blog of the young lady I wrote about, she has an addition of cutting herself?  Well, as I read the commends of most of the persons that said something, I realized that most of them were not helping her by what they were saying.  They were encouraging her to continue this destructive behavior.  Most of them were being sympathetic but not encouraging her to stop.  Most of them were not trying to help her to see that she can be free from hurting herself.

Over the years, I have been through what felt like hell and back and it was in those times that I wanted people to come to my party.  You know that party; the self-pity party.  I would invite my friends but they declined most of the times.  They did give me gifts though, gifts of “tough love” which was the truth.  They would tell me like it was.  No sugar-coating or cherries on top.  They would use the word of God because they knew that I was loosing the battle in my mind and that I was allowing Satan to take over.  I hated those times because it hurt to hear what I did not want to hear or to hear the same thing over and over again.  I hated facing the truth in those moments because I was deluded by the hurt I was experiencing and it felt safe and comfortable hiding behind these pity parties.  I bet it is the same feeling those of you have, who practice self-harm by: cutting, smoking, drink, being promiscuous, taking drugs….Am I right?

Hiding from our problems only delays our healing/freedom.  You might say, who are you to talk?  You don’t know my situation.  You don’t know what I have been through.  You don’t know what I am going through.  You would be right.  I don’t know your situations or what you have or is going through.  I will say this nevertheless, you are not the first person to go through whatever it is.  There are many people in the very same position right now.  You will not get over them by hiding or hating.  You will not get over those situations by allowing the devil to control your thoughts and your life.  You will not be healed or freed by locking everyone out.   You will not be freed by locking God out.  You will not be healed/freed by having those pity parties.  You will not get well if you continue to listen to people who keep “beating around the brush” with the truth.

People that loves you, will tell you the truth without tearing you down.

The next thing is this, you have to want to healed/freed/delivered.  You have to become tired and angry with those bondage.  You have to become so “fed up” with: the darkness-Satan, the emptiness, the constant hurting and pain, the self loathing, that ache that makes you feel like there is a festering soar in your soul, your mind being filled with all the hurtful thoughts constantly….. you can fill in the rest.  Then make the choice not to say there.  Make the choice not to stay in the darkness.   It is your choice!  My choice!  Our choice!

Okay, so we know that it is our choice, what’s the next step?

Share what you are going through with someone you know you can trust.  someone who will not share your business with anyone, unless you say they can.  Share with your parents maybe, find a counselor at school, church or in your community.  Talk about it and be totally honest.  Get out of the dark rooms.  Open your windows, let some light shine and fresh air in.  Read books or surf the net and find stories about people who have gone through what you have or is going through and hear what they have to say about how they were helped.  Stay away though from those who tells you to pray to: statues, animals, burn incense,  fortune tellers, sell your house and everything you own and live in the hills etc etc.  Most importantly, pray to God Almighty through Jesus Christ and ask Him to help you.  Ask Him to show you that He is God by revealing Himself to you.

I believe that God the Holy Spirit can heal you/us, if we allow Him to.  It may not be an immediate healing, as well as it could be immediate for you.  I will always profess that I am a Christian and I profess that Jesus Christ is Lord.  If you would like to ask Jesus Christ into your life, pray this prayer:                                                  Dear Jesus, I admit that I am a sinner and  I have done many things that are wrong.  I am sorry Lord, please forgive me.  I ask you right now to come into my life as my Lord and Saviour, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.  One more thing, also ask God to send His people to you and to lead you to the church He wants you to attend.

God loves you and is waiting on you.


Talk soon

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