The battlefield – our MINDS – pt 2

We can all recover from those devastating occurrences of the past or maybe we are going through one now.  It too can and shall pass.  You can have victory over these hardship through Christ Jesus.

I am aware that mental illnesses can and does triggers some of these destructive behaviours and I am also aware that in cases such as these, people lean-to the conclusion that they have no choice.  They believe and accept the lie, that there is no hope of recovery.  I encourage you today, to never accept the lies that there is no hope for you or that you are better off dead.  That is the darkness/devil talking, not God.  God’s plans for us is never to harm us.

Continuing on mental illnesses, aside from the fact that there are: medications, counselling, care groups, etc.  There is the restorer of what seem incapable of restoration.  He is our creator and if He, God Almighty created us then surely He can fix us.  Not to get too spiritual on you but whatever I speak about, I have evidence that it works.  Here is the evidence, one of my dearest friends has Bipolar disorder.  Here is a brief definition of what Bipolar disorder is according to

Bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) causes serious shifts in mood, energy, thinking, and behavior–from the highs of mania on one extreme, to the lows of depression on the other. More than just a fleeting good or bad mood, the cycles of bipolar disorder last for days, weeks, or months. And unlike ordinary mood swings, the mood changes of bipolar disorder are so intense that they interfere with your ability to function.

During a manic episode, a person might impulsively quit a job, charge up huge amounts on credit cards, or feel rested after sleeping two hours. During a depressive episode, the same person might be too tired to get out of bed and full of self-loathing and hopelessness over being unemployed and in debt.

My friend would have attacks regular after the disorder was diagnosed. The right mix of medication had to be taken and numerous trips to the psychologist had to take place.  The attacks have decreased since receiving Christ Jesus as Saviour.  Last year, there were no attacks what so ever.  Life is great!  Still serving God while attending university full-time and for a second degree.  A healthy relationship with a prospective life partner.  I am seeing marriage in the near future.  My friend is a mentor, who has had tremendous success in helping a young person turn his/her life around.  This young person has shown such great improvement in character and integrity.  This person is blossoming as a Christian.  So, who can convince me that there is no hope for persons struggling with mental disorders?  With Christ Jesus nothing is impossible.


Who is in control of your mind/life??????

Talk soon

3 thoughts on “The battlefield – our MINDS – pt 2

  1. Lovin’ it my friend! May God help you to sustain this ministry…lives ARE being changed 🙂 I had to sign up with wordpress to “like” 🙂 I am excited for you…talk sn!

    1. Bless the Lord. He is the one who is leading me in what I share. I am encouraged that lives are being changed. My life is also being changed tremendously. Thank you for sharing your comment, it means a lot to read the comments.

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