The battlefield – our MINDS


A lot of us are afraid of the spiritual realm   We are afraid to admit that there is a devil and that there are demons lurking around.  Many live in denial because of this fear.  Well, guess what, the devil/Satan and his demons are here.  The bible says ” Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”  Therefore, whether we believe it or not: the devil is real, his demons are real, the spiritual realm is real, hell is real, God Almighty is real, angels are real, heaven is real.

We were created with the ability to make choices.  God did not create us as robots. hehe.  Our minds, control the decisions we make hence, whoever has control over our minds, has control over our lives.  When I was a child I loved watching television, I was addicted to television.  I remember watching cartoons such as Tom and Jerry.  I loved those two 🙂  Anyway, there were moments when Tom had to make a choice between good or evil.  Then two angels would appear, one red and one white;  the red one represented evil and the other good.  My point is, the choices we make reveals who is in control over our minds and lives.

I read this very interesting blog today that I had to reblog.  This beloved young lady was sharing her experience on cutting.  Now cutting is somewhat new to me.  My first encounter with persons that used to cut and that was still cutting was at a camp I went to in the summer of last year.  I found out about a camper that still had the addition of cutting around a day before the end of camp.  Thank God!  A counsellor shared her testimony that very morning about how she was a cutter and God set her free.  The camper went to speak with her at the end of devotions.   I did not speak with her about it because I could not relate or understood why it is done.

In the blog I mentioned earlier, this beloved young lady spoke about the darkness in her life and over whelming emotions.  She spoke about not wanting to kill herself and that cutting was a relief for her, to see the scars, to see the blood seeping was a relief from the emotions, the darkness.  When I read her blog my heart was deeply sadden because the darkness she speaks about is the devil and he has control over her mind.  I will share an instance I had allowed the devil control over my mind.

I had the most wonderful job working with children in the mountains, I was happy and passionate for God.  Then unfortunately, I got into a relationship and had my heart-broken.  I thought we were going to be married because I was told by this person to go on the internet and choose the rings I liked and he and I also went and looked at rings.  The relationship ended and I was devastated.  I was a big load of mess;  I barely ate, all I could do was weep.  I was hurt, angry at God, this guy, his mother and myself.  I was filled with hatred, guilt, resentment, bitterness etc etc.  I could hardly sleep.  I only took naps and the very moment I was awake all the pain and thoughts would jump on me.  That is exactly how it felt.  My every waking moment was filled with: anger, hurt and how could this have happen, why did this happen, why didn’t God protect me and He says He loves me.

I had given control to darkness/the devil/Satan by entertaining all the hatred, bitterness and forgiveness.  I can remember sitting outside at the windiest area on the mountain weeping and trying to be so cold that I would maybe become numb.  I was hoping that being cold enough would be so painful to alleviate the emotional pain and heartache I was experiencing.  I believe what I was doing is called self-harm.   I thought about committing suicide but the fear of going to hell over rode that thought.  There are no words to express the heart wrenching pain I was going through.  It hurt even to breathe or to get out of the bed each day.  The devil had control over my mind and life.  He was trying to kill, destroy and steal my life.  Guess what?  He could have done it with ease too because I had allowed him to control my mind but my Heavenly Father would not allow him to.

It is not easy, by no means.  Sometimes we are floored by devastating emotional hurt and it seems like there is no getting over them but……


Talk Soon.




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