Idols & Rejection

Hey everyone!  Hope you have been keeping well.

Today I need to talk about idols.

What are they? How do we know that there are idols in our lives?  What does having idols have to do with rejection?

According to an idol is an image or other material object representing a deity to which religious worship is addressed.  To add, an idol can also be a person or people in our lives that we believe we can not live without or we place pleasing them above God.

Sometimes, is hard to get rid of idols in our lives because most times we are not aware that they are there.  How can we not know that we have idols in our lives?  Well, for instance, take your child or your husband; you love them dearly and nothing is wrong with that.  It is God’s law that we should love our families and others.  You, however, are in danger of making your family an idol, if all you can think about is them.  What are they doing every minute of everyday?  I can’t wait to see them?  I can’t live without them.  My life would be incomplete without them.  My family is so perfect.  My family is better than other families.  My family is never wrong even if they are in the wrong.  If all you can think about is them then you have made your family an idol in your life.  If you can have no peace or joy unless your family is around, you have made them an idol.  Don’t get me wrong now, it is natural for you to: love and want to be around your family but when you have place them in the position God alone is to hold in your lives then they have become your God, an idol in your life.

Who makes us who we are?  Who defines us? Who should be the one that is always on our mines and in our hearts?  Who is the one that we should always strive to please and to make happy?  Who is the one we should hold in the highest esteem in our lives?  God of course and everyone after Him!  The creator of the universe, the one who sent His one and only Son Jesus Christ to die on a cross and resurrected Him on the third day.  He is the only one that should be our idol/ our God.  No one and nothing else not even the bible.

For some people money is their God; they will do whatever it takes to get money and keep it.  For some: clothes, their bodies, their boyfriends, friends, pastors, parents, animals,  their academic achievements, professional statue, social statue, entertainers, facebook, celebrities, sex, dead people, inanimate objects, satan, the spirits of darkness and I could go on and on.

I believe we who struggle with rejection are more vulnerable and susceptible to having idols in our lives.  Oh really now!!!  Hear me out now for a sec.  The fact is, we are even more emotionally than those who do not struggle with rejection, therefore, if and when someone comes along who was deemed trustworthy by us.  We tend to cling to such a person/s.  Sometimes, we hold them in such high esteem that we place them in God’s position in our lives.  For example, before we even ask for advise or wisdom from God, we find them to ask what they think we should do…  We try to talk to them 24 hours of the day.  What about God?  When we are sad, who is the first person that comes to mind to call, these person/s or God?  Who is the last person we want to talk to at night or listen to until sometimes we fall a sleep.  God or we know who?  If these person/s hurt us in whatever way or if they decide that they are going start spending  less time with us.  Speak the truth, doesn’t it feel like your world is going to end?  Yet, we are good and happy even if we have not spent any time with God for weeks.  These person/s are idols in our lives and we must change that.

The Creator of the universe, our maker says through His prophets in the bible that “we shall have no other gods before Him”.  Exodus 20:3 (One of the Ten Commandments)  Check this clip out of the story of how God used His prophet to make fools of those who worshiped idols. 1 Kings 18:16-45

  Read the scripture as well.


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