Why not you/me!

Hey there,

One of the most asked question out there is why me?  This question is asked especially in troubled times.  Well, I would like to ask you and I am asking myself, why not you/me?  Why should bad things happen only to others and not you or me?

Why should someone else’s unborn child die in their womb .  This person has been trying for so long to get pregnant?  Why should someone else loose the job that they consider the source for bread to their stomach?  Why should someone else go hungry or be treated unfairly and not you/me?  Why should someone else’s ex and their new love be sharing the same space as someone else and not you/me.  Why should someone else be hurt about that and feel as though their ex is flaunting their new person in someone else’s face and not yours/mine?  Why should someone else feels like they just don’t want to have to be around their ex and their new love.

Why do we believe that bad things or hard time should not happen to us but that they should happen to others?  Even if we do not want it to happen to others except our enemies why do we ask the question WHY ME?  I found myself asking this very question  too many times for comfort recently and I am really annoyed.   Let us start with having ex boyfriends and broken hearts etc….  In the first place why did we enter those relationships?

For us Christians, did we receive the go ahead from God to enter those relationships?  Did we even ask God about getting involve before we did so?  Well, if our answer is no or not really then we have no right to ask the why me question because we placed ourselves in the situations hence, we are going to suffer the consequences.    For the unbelievers/unsaved, why did you enter those relationship/s?  Did you not see the sign/s that these persons were not the one for you?  If your answer is no, I will say this without apology ” that is not true”  Many times we see but because we are so in lust, we choose not to see the truth.

I want to say though that for the believers the bible says that there is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus and if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us of all unrighteousness.  That does not mean that the memories go away or even the feeling of hurt; it means that our slate has been washed clean and so the devil has no authority to rule over us.  Yet, what to do about the memories and the emotional hurt?  Seven (7) steps to try:

  1. study and meditate on the word of God.  Memorize the scriptures especially the ones that speaks to your situation.
  2. purpose to give thanks to God for what He has done and is doing for you.  Instead of focusing on the negative feelings.
  3. find someone who won’t judge you or feed the feeling of self-pity but will counsel you with the words of wisdom from God and who will pray with and for you.
  4. pray blessings for the person that hurt you.  pray for them and their significant other.  (You don’t want to?  Well, you don’t want to move on and get over the hurt.)
  5. pray for your healing everyday and believe that God is healing you.  Pray the word of God over yourself.
  6. Break every soul ties that might still exist between you and your past relationships.
  7. Do the six steps continuously.

In Ecclesiastes it says that there is a time to live and a time to die; depressing huh?  Well, it is true that is the cycle of life and it hurts when it happens to a family member or friends but it’s life.  I am sorry you lost your child.  I am sorry that you are broke and may be hungry.  I am sorry that you are having a hard time but trying to figure out why you/me does not solve the problems.  It is good therapy I believe to cry if you need to; punch a pillow if you must but start living again.  If you have other children then love them even more.  If not and you feel the need to be around children for a while then find an orphanage and love those children.  If you are without a job then do not stop seeking one.  You could even start to volunteer and that could open up a door for you.

Bad things do happen to people who are really trying to do right and live right.  I have said in one of my previous blogs that these things happens as tests to make us stronger.  To draw us closer to God, if we don’t throw in the towel.  It does not feel good going through these hard times but if we press on until we reach that light at the end of the tunnel whoiii!!!!   What a glorious reward we will receive.   Check out Joyce Meyers and others.  Friends,  getting bitter or getting  even does not help.   It may provide a brief feeling of pleasure but after that we will be in the same muck of a situation and feeling even worst.

Instead of asking why me.  Let us ask, what are you teaching me Lord?  Please  empower me by Your Holy Spirit to persevere to the end.


Talk soon


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