Violence & Rejection Pt 1

Hola a todos, ¿cómo se está haciendo?

Yo soy buena y todavía combate el buen combate.

Let’s dig into this topic.

I learned a long time ago never to say ” I would never do that!” For example, “I would never kill someone”.  To say a statement that you would never do something is relying on your own strength, as if there is anything good about us, except God the Holy Spirit that lives within.  

If the thoughts comes to our minds, we definitely could act upon them.  God alone is perfect.  I have a christian friend who went out and got pregnant out of wedlock.  I know this lady and she loved the Lord and was so passionate for the work of the Lord.  I am also sure that she said many times that she would never do that but when the thoughts continued to plague her mind and she kept on meditating on those thoughts, the pressure of society kicked in and the situations started to look so desperate, it was just about impossible to resist acting on those thoughts.  The same thoughts came to me and worst.  I have had my heart-broken, which was one of the worst feeling of rejection and I can’t tell you some of the evil thoughts that came to my mind to do to that person.   I didn’t though, thank God.


Do we have the right to attack someone, whether physically or verbally because their actions or verbal exchange causes us to experience the emotion called rejection?  

!!!!THE ANSWER!!!!!!


Here on the island, there are a certain type of men, who loiter on the streets all day.  They  verbally abuse women they are attracted to.  They are sometimes said to have an “animal approach”.  Meaning, they are disrespectful and can be violent if  they do not achieve the response they require from us women.  I have experienced the verbal abuse from them but witness the violent acts done to others.  They would: make the pissst sound to try to get our attention, try to touch and hold on to our hands or worst as I mention earlier.  Why am I sharing this? Well, yes these men are disrespectful but that is not the only reason they reacted violently.  In my opinion, these men behaved badly because their egos were bruised and they felt rejected.  Of course, these two explanations are not the only two reasons.

People react to rejection in many ways such as:

  1. all live in fear of being rejected.
  2. some become very controlling trying to ensure that everything goes exactly how they believe it should.  Again trying to avoid being rejected.
  3. some become very paranoid and suspicious of everyone.
  4. some people become very hard and angry with their rejectors and everyone else.
  5. some become suicidal 
  6. some become people pleasers – they never have a sense of happiness unless people are pleased with them.
  7. some become drug addicts.
  8. some become bullies.
  9. some become needy and over-bearing.  These people clings to their rejector/abuser because they think that they can’t do any better.
  10. some live for the approval of others and not God.
  11. some alienate themselves from people and become workaholics.


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