Sexual Purity Pt 2

Jesus came as human on this earth and so he went through everything we go through now.  How did He keep Himself sexually pure?  Jesus kept His mind on what He was called to do on the earth.  He pulled His strength from the Father when He felt too weak to overcome.   His flesh did not rule Him, He was self-controlled.   One of the ways He was able to be self-controlled was to live by the word of Father God.  He knew the scriptures and He spoke it continuously.  He did not allow what people thought of Him be His guide.  For example:  when He had supper in the tax collector’s house, they thought bad of Him and spoke badly about Him but He did not care.  He knew what He was about and He did it.  In the Garden of Gethsemane He cried out to God the Father in his weakness asking if this cup could be taken from Him – meaning that if there was a different way of saving our souls, He would prefer that way (Luke 22:42)


Sex is a beautiful  and private act between a male and a female who is married.  It was also created for the continuation of the human race and for pleasure.

Yet in today’s society sex has become a product for sale and a public act.     We see the innuendo of  it in just about every advertisement on the: television, radio and posters.   Most of our music has been polluted with lewd and derogatory songs about sex and the private body parts of both male and female.   I feel sorry for our nation’s children who are being pressured from all sides to join this lascivious minded set of people.

Men, it is not impossible to be sexually pure.  Listen to this!  There was a very handsome young man named Joseph, he was betrayed by his brothers.  They sold him as a slave.  God was with him and his boss liked him above all his other slaves.  He placed Joseph in charge of his household and everything within, except his wife.  Now, this woman saw how handsome Joseph was and tried on numerous occasions to get him to have sex with her but Joseph decided that he would not defile himself or dishonor God or his boss.  So, her final attempt in trying to get Joseph to have sex with her, he ran away from her but she hung on to his coat and it tore…..  There is more to this story.  Read Genesis 39.   One of the morals of this story is that it is not impossible to save yourself until you are married.  It is an honor and it shows that you are a man or woman of character and integrity.  It doesn’t make you a fool as foolish people would say.

Are these consequences of pleasure considered cool?

Is it cool to catch HIV AIDS or other sexually transmitted disease?   Is it cool for children to be raised by one parent or in a children’s home because their mother and father just had one night of lust but they can not take care of them?  Is it cool to be committing murder by having abortion/s?  Men, is it cool to father so many children but provide for none?  Is it cool to know that these children, your children are hungry and without life’s necessities?

In my opinion we should strive to be sexually pure because 

  • our bodies are the temple of the Lord God Almighty.   He created our bodies to house the true us which is our spirits and also that His Holy Spirit may dwell in us – God dwells within His church and we are the church not the building created by man.

Ladies!  Our bodies are not a canvas for any and anyone to handle or for auction to the highest bidder.  We are the princesses of God because God our Father is the King of Kings.  Our bodies are not to be abused or be available to every Tom, Harry or Joe to try out; are we testers for those men who have not found the right woman yet but in the interim they want to have fun with our bodies?   If your spouse/boyfriend truly loves and respect you, he will respect your decision to stay sexually pure until marriage and he will make you his wife by marrying you.

Do not live in condemnation and shame because you use to live a life of promiscuity or because you already gave your virginity away. If you truly desire to come away from that life style then God is able to purify you.   There is always hope and forgiveness in Christ Jesus.  Come let Him wash you.  Come start your journey of sexual purity today!  You are worth the wait.  Let all men know that unless they put on the ring they will never have your body for sexual favours.   We are that special!!  The same thing goes for you guys.  If your friends or your lady friend don’t agree and still persist in pressuring  you then you need new friends and God will provide the virtuous wife you deserve.

Listen!  If you have tried and “fell of the wagon” meaning that you defiled yourself sexually after trying to live pure;  get up, dust yourself off and ask Abba Father to forgive you sincerely and get back on that saddle of sexual purity.   He who is without sin cast the first stone.

Forgive me, if I am all over the place with my writing today but I have so much to say and I am so very passionate about this topic.

If I can do it, so can you and I have been saved since I was a teen.   God has and still is helping me.  Yes!! It is very difficult at times but God gives us self-control and He will help us to use it.  We only NEED to be obedient.

Adios amigos!

Here’s to sexual purity.  😀

Talk soon.

2 thoughts on “Sexual Purity Pt 2

  1. As a christian and a teenager it is very hard to keep yourself from sexually immorality.but let me tell you with God’s hepl it can be done, “God say do not be conform to the things of the world but be transform by the renewing of your mind”. there is also a scripture that say, dont let anyone look down on you because your young,but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. 1TIMOTHY 4:12.
    so as christian we are to set an example for others to follow we must can be different in the world that when people see us they know that we are different.

    1. Thank you for sharing. Yes, I totally agree with you that it is possible to remain sexually pure and also that it is very hard to do so. Yes we need God’s help but the only way God’s help will work is, if we are obedient to His words. For instance when He says, you should not be listening to certain songs or stop watching certain programs then it is in our best interest to do so. You see, God does not force us to obey Him. He created with the ability to choose. That ability to chose is the problem most times because our sinful nature says, do it, it will give you pleasure but it doesn’t remind us of the consequences until it is too late.

      Keep on being obedient to God’s word and He will continue to help you to remain sexually pure.

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