Idols & Rejection (Pt. 2)

Hola a todos, bonjour tout le monde, bonjour à tous, salut, 大家好, שלום לכולם, 皆様今日は, हर हैलो and Hello everyone,

Continuing from my last blog.  Another definition for idol is, any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion.

I am a very adventurous person, therefore, I am inviting you to explore this question with me; why do people create and worship idols?  I want to share this with you before we start exploring.  On the island here, we are lovers of the device called the BB (Blackberry) Cell phones.  Most owners of this device can not live without it.  I travel on the public transportation and in a taxi one evening, a driver was speaking about a young lady who was hit down by a car.  Anyway, He was laughing and I thought that he was being callous but as he continued with the story I understood why he found it funny.  According to the driver this young lady was hit by a car and as she got up the first thing she was freaking out about was her BB.  She wanted to know that her BB was safe and not harmed.  Say what!!!!  I do not know if this taxi driver was speaking the truth but here on the Island there is a saying ” if it nuh go suh, it near suh” meaning if it is not true, it is partially true.  If this story is true then it is obvious that this young lady’s BB is an idol in her life.

Exploration time!!!  Why do  people create and worship idols?  In my opinion some persons create and worship idols because they need to be in control.  They get to decide how the image will look, where it will be placed and what power it should have.  What kind of god is that? That is not a god; if us human beings have to create it with their own hands and of course with perishable material, if we have to decide what power it has and, if it is our chose what the requirements are of serving these idols/gods then in my opinion that is not God.  For instance, some believe it is right to kill people they deem not worthy of living, some believe it right to cheat on their wives/husband and with other married people, some believe that after death there is remission for sins, and, all their families have to do is give a large amount of money or maybe before they die they pay a lump sum of money to secure a place in heaven.  That sounds like extortion to me and a con.

Let me tell you something, the spiritual world is real and these idols/gods that people have or play around with has spirits of darkness attached to them.  These spirits of evil do have some power to make certain things happen but their is always some high cost.  For instance: they require blood, so people have to sacrifice maybe there children or other people’s children and animals.  Some require there subjects to drink blood and to commit all sorts of veil acts.  Some of these spirits command their followers to commit suicide in the form of blowing up themselves and in turn causing havoc for other people.

There are so many idols/gods out there, it is crazy!  There is: the god of the sun, god of the moon, god of water, god of riches, god of the sea, god of strength and I could go on and I will go on.  Some people have animals as gods; animals that we eat for food.  I am saying this without apology those are not God.  There is one true God and He is the creator of the universe and everything in it.  He is not created by human.  We do not decide what power He has or where He should be placed.  He is the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God.  That means God is the all-powerful, knows everything and is present everywhere.  He knows what we think before we think it.  He is God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the three in one God.  He is God who sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us.

Jesus Christ was the sacrifice for our souls because the reward for sin is death hence, when we sin we should be killed/ put to death but Jesus died for all of our sins already.  When the spirit of death was to pass through Egypt to kill all their first-born.  God told Moses to “Then they are to take some of the blood and put it on the sides and tops of the door frames of the houses where they eat the lambs.” Exodus 17:7 and the reason God told them to do this was because “The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are; and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt.” Exodus 12:13.  What am I saying? I am saying that it is only through Jesus Christ can our sins be forgiven.  I am not trying to force my belief on you but I did tell you that I would share what I believe and the truth.  Kindly note that Jesus Christ Rose from the grave after three days of being dead hence, He is alive!!!!

Another reason people create and worship idols……..


I would appreciate your thoughts on this topic.  Do you have anything to add or is there anything you would subtract from what I said?

Also, note that I only speak English, Creole and very basic Spanish.

Talk soon


Idols & Rejection

Hey everyone!  Hope you have been keeping well.

Today I need to talk about idols.

What are they? How do we know that there are idols in our lives?  What does having idols have to do with rejection?

According to an idol is an image or other material object representing a deity to which religious worship is addressed.  To add, an idol can also be a person or people in our lives that we believe we can not live without or we place pleasing them above God.

Sometimes, is hard to get rid of idols in our lives because most times we are not aware that they are there.  How can we not know that we have idols in our lives?  Well, for instance, take your child or your husband; you love them dearly and nothing is wrong with that.  It is God’s law that we should love our families and others.  You, however, are in danger of making your family an idol, if all you can think about is them.  What are they doing every minute of everyday?  I can’t wait to see them?  I can’t live without them.  My life would be incomplete without them.  My family is so perfect.  My family is better than other families.  My family is never wrong even if they are in the wrong.  If all you can think about is them then you have made your family an idol in your life.  If you can have no peace or joy unless your family is around, you have made them an idol.  Don’t get me wrong now, it is natural for you to: love and want to be around your family but when you have place them in the position God alone is to hold in your lives then they have become your God, an idol in your life.

Who makes us who we are?  Who defines us? Who should be the one that is always on our mines and in our hearts?  Who is the one that we should always strive to please and to make happy?  Who is the one we should hold in the highest esteem in our lives?  God of course and everyone after Him!  The creator of the universe, the one who sent His one and only Son Jesus Christ to die on a cross and resurrected Him on the third day.  He is the only one that should be our idol/ our God.  No one and nothing else not even the bible.

For some people money is their God; they will do whatever it takes to get money and keep it.  For some: clothes, their bodies, their boyfriends, friends, pastors, parents, animals,  their academic achievements, professional statue, social statue, entertainers, facebook, celebrities, sex, dead people, inanimate objects, satan, the spirits of darkness and I could go on and on.

I believe we who struggle with rejection are more vulnerable and susceptible to having idols in our lives.  Oh really now!!!  Hear me out now for a sec.  The fact is, we are even more emotionally than those who do not struggle with rejection, therefore, if and when someone comes along who was deemed trustworthy by us.  We tend to cling to such a person/s.  Sometimes, we hold them in such high esteem that we place them in God’s position in our lives.  For example, before we even ask for advise or wisdom from God, we find them to ask what they think we should do…  We try to talk to them 24 hours of the day.  What about God?  When we are sad, who is the first person that comes to mind to call, these person/s or God?  Who is the last person we want to talk to at night or listen to until sometimes we fall a sleep.  God or we know who?  If these person/s hurt us in whatever way or if they decide that they are going start spending  less time with us.  Speak the truth, doesn’t it feel like your world is going to end?  Yet, we are good and happy even if we have not spent any time with God for weeks.  These person/s are idols in our lives and we must change that.

The Creator of the universe, our maker says through His prophets in the bible that “we shall have no other gods before Him”.  Exodus 20:3 (One of the Ten Commandments)  Check this clip out of the story of how God used His prophet to make fools of those who worshiped idols. 1 Kings 18:16-45

  Read the scripture as well.


Why not you/me!

Hey there,

One of the most asked question out there is why me?  This question is asked especially in troubled times.  Well, I would like to ask you and I am asking myself, why not you/me?  Why should bad things happen only to others and not you or me?

Why should someone else’s unborn child die in their womb .  This person has been trying for so long to get pregnant?  Why should someone else loose the job that they consider the source for bread to their stomach?  Why should someone else go hungry or be treated unfairly and not you/me?  Why should someone else’s ex and their new love be sharing the same space as someone else and not you/me.  Why should someone else be hurt about that and feel as though their ex is flaunting their new person in someone else’s face and not yours/mine?  Why should someone else feels like they just don’t want to have to be around their ex and their new love.

Why do we believe that bad things or hard time should not happen to us but that they should happen to others?  Even if we do not want it to happen to others except our enemies why do we ask the question WHY ME?  I found myself asking this very question  too many times for comfort recently and I am really annoyed.   Let us start with having ex boyfriends and broken hearts etc….  In the first place why did we enter those relationships?

For us Christians, did we receive the go ahead from God to enter those relationships?  Did we even ask God about getting involve before we did so?  Well, if our answer is no or not really then we have no right to ask the why me question because we placed ourselves in the situations hence, we are going to suffer the consequences.    For the unbelievers/unsaved, why did you enter those relationship/s?  Did you not see the sign/s that these persons were not the one for you?  If your answer is no, I will say this without apology ” that is not true”  Many times we see but because we are so in lust, we choose not to see the truth.

I want to say though that for the believers the bible says that there is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus and if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us of all unrighteousness.  That does not mean that the memories go away or even the feeling of hurt; it means that our slate has been washed clean and so the devil has no authority to rule over us.  Yet, what to do about the memories and the emotional hurt?  Seven (7) steps to try:

  1. study and meditate on the word of God.  Memorize the scriptures especially the ones that speaks to your situation.
  2. purpose to give thanks to God for what He has done and is doing for you.  Instead of focusing on the negative feelings.
  3. find someone who won’t judge you or feed the feeling of self-pity but will counsel you with the words of wisdom from God and who will pray with and for you.
  4. pray blessings for the person that hurt you.  pray for them and their significant other.  (You don’t want to?  Well, you don’t want to move on and get over the hurt.)
  5. pray for your healing everyday and believe that God is healing you.  Pray the word of God over yourself.
  6. Break every soul ties that might still exist between you and your past relationships.
  7. Do the six steps continuously.

In Ecclesiastes it says that there is a time to live and a time to die; depressing huh?  Well, it is true that is the cycle of life and it hurts when it happens to a family member or friends but it’s life.  I am sorry you lost your child.  I am sorry that you are broke and may be hungry.  I am sorry that you are having a hard time but trying to figure out why you/me does not solve the problems.  It is good therapy I believe to cry if you need to; punch a pillow if you must but start living again.  If you have other children then love them even more.  If not and you feel the need to be around children for a while then find an orphanage and love those children.  If you are without a job then do not stop seeking one.  You could even start to volunteer and that could open up a door for you.

Bad things do happen to people who are really trying to do right and live right.  I have said in one of my previous blogs that these things happens as tests to make us stronger.  To draw us closer to God, if we don’t throw in the towel.  It does not feel good going through these hard times but if we press on until we reach that light at the end of the tunnel whoiii!!!!   What a glorious reward we will receive.   Check out Joyce Meyers and others.  Friends,  getting bitter or getting  even does not help.   It may provide a brief feeling of pleasure but after that we will be in the same muck of a situation and feeling even worst.

Instead of asking why me.  Let us ask, what are you teaching me Lord?  Please  empower me by Your Holy Spirit to persevere to the end.


Talk soon


Trusting JC

My heavenly Father says ” he will not give us more than we can bear.”  I am going through a lot of emotional attacks now and all I can do is draw closer to God, read & meditate on His word and then allow the Holy Spirit to comfort me.


Talk soon 

We need you to share your comments; help someone as you help yourself.

Happy Thursday everyone!

I want to express how encouraging it is to see that people from so many countries are reading my blogs.  I sincerely hope that you are being encouraged, helped and that you reading how God is working in my life will cause you to want to know this God.  God the creator of the universe.

I would appreciate it if you  would share your comments on the topics and leave your words of wisdom to help us all. 🙂


Violence & Rejection Pt 2

Why do some people react violently when they feel rejected and some don’t?

Does it have anything to do with how we were brought up?  I heard a very old song this morning that says “children live what they learn; children learn what they live…”  LET US GIVE A LISTENING EAR TO THE VERSES OF THIS SONG

 Let me help us out, one verse says if a child lives with hostility he learns to fight….  So then, do the tendency to fight and act violently comes from how we were trained as children?  The bible says ” train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it Proverbs 22:6.

A semi conclusion then is that, how we are brought up has a lot to do with how we handle situations in our adult or semi-adult lives.  I was brought up in a single parent home where I was left alone on numerous occasions even on Christmas day.  Listen to Joyce Meyers, her dad sexually abused her for years.  For me, that would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me and as Joyce has testified, it was a nightmare for her.  There are many people out there who have been: used, abused, rejected over and over again, treated like garbage but they have decided NOT to become violent.

Struggling with rejection does not make us mentally ill.  Therefore, there is no excuse why we should become violent.  I know that sometimes when you see the person that hurt you prospering or is moving on with someone else, one might feel that God is unfair and become really angry.  We think they don’t deserve to be happy, if we are not happy right?  Wrong!!!!  To think like that shows that we are living with jealousy, envy and that we have become bitter.  Check this out – when we hurt someone and we apologize we want that person to forgive us right?  Of course!!!  The bigger picture, when we ask God to forgive us of our sins, we want Him to forgive us right? Not only that, we want God to bless us and prosper us after right?  So, who are we to think that because that person hurt us they should be banished from the face of the earth or they should not be happy unless we are happy.  How dare we place ourselves in God’s position.  Repent!  We need to beg God’s forgiveness now.  I know it hurts like crazy to have your heart used for a toy, especially if this person was your friend.

Everything we go through in life is for a purpose.  No, I’m not crazy!  They are tests.  Tests to make us stronger, if we pass them.  Tests, for us to mature and to help us to become what God had plan for us all along.  Tests, lessons and experience to help someone who will go through the exact same thing we went through and came out victorious.   God did not promise us a bed of roses here on earth did He? No!  Jesus went through the greatest test of all and why did He?  For the salvation of the world.  Yea Jesus!!! Thank you for enduring your test to save my soul/ our souls.  🙂  Also, we should learn not to make the same mistakes from these tests and if it was that you were abused or rejected as a child;  well, your tests should have taught you what not to do in rearing your child/children.  Or if you do not have children yet, then how not to treat other people’s children.

Okay, so the person that hurt you have not apologized and that makes you angry.  Place it before the Lord be honest with God and tell Him how you feel and ask Him to help you to release this anger so that you can forgive this person.  People, God is a just  God and in scripture He says ” Vengeance is mine”.   He will repay every man according to their work, be it good or evil.  No one will escape, so we should not take things into our own hands.   To add, if that person asked God to forgive them then they are forgiven so we need to let it go and move on with our lives.

Love you.  Bless you.

God’s peace be with you.

Talk soon.

Violence & Rejection Pt 1

Hola a todos, ¿cómo se está haciendo?

Yo soy buena y todavía combate el buen combate.

Let’s dig into this topic.

I learned a long time ago never to say ” I would never do that!” For example, “I would never kill someone”.  To say a statement that you would never do something is relying on your own strength, as if there is anything good about us, except God the Holy Spirit that lives within.  

If the thoughts comes to our minds, we definitely could act upon them.  God alone is perfect.  I have a christian friend who went out and got pregnant out of wedlock.  I know this lady and she loved the Lord and was so passionate for the work of the Lord.  I am also sure that she said many times that she would never do that but when the thoughts continued to plague her mind and she kept on meditating on those thoughts, the pressure of society kicked in and the situations started to look so desperate, it was just about impossible to resist acting on those thoughts.  The same thoughts came to me and worst.  I have had my heart-broken, which was one of the worst feeling of rejection and I can’t tell you some of the evil thoughts that came to my mind to do to that person.   I didn’t though, thank God.


Do we have the right to attack someone, whether physically or verbally because their actions or verbal exchange causes us to experience the emotion called rejection?  

!!!!THE ANSWER!!!!!!


Here on the island, there are a certain type of men, who loiter on the streets all day.  They  verbally abuse women they are attracted to.  They are sometimes said to have an “animal approach”.  Meaning, they are disrespectful and can be violent if  they do not achieve the response they require from us women.  I have experienced the verbal abuse from them but witness the violent acts done to others.  They would: make the pissst sound to try to get our attention, try to touch and hold on to our hands or worst as I mention earlier.  Why am I sharing this? Well, yes these men are disrespectful but that is not the only reason they reacted violently.  In my opinion, these men behaved badly because their egos were bruised and they felt rejected.  Of course, these two explanations are not the only two reasons.

People react to rejection in many ways such as:

  1. all live in fear of being rejected.
  2. some become very controlling trying to ensure that everything goes exactly how they believe it should.  Again trying to avoid being rejected.
  3. some become very paranoid and suspicious of everyone.
  4. some people become very hard and angry with their rejectors and everyone else.
  5. some become suicidal 
  6. some become people pleasers – they never have a sense of happiness unless people are pleased with them.
  7. some become drug addicts.
  8. some become bullies.
  9. some become needy and over-bearing.  These people clings to their rejector/abuser because they think that they can’t do any better.
  10. some live for the approval of others and not God.
  11. some alienate themselves from people and become workaholics.