On the road to healing…. :D

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I certainly did!

Do you remember me declaring that it was a new day and that I was going to embrace this family as my family?  Well, things have changed for the better since I started sharing myself more and making a greater effort to communicate with this family.  This Christmas was one of the best Christmas I have ever had.

Thank God!!!

Things are getting better with me and for me.  God is showing me things I need to do to help with my healing.  What about you?  What has happened with you?  You sharing  might help someone and help you.


We have scratch the surface of knowing who we are; we definitely need to dig deeper in that area but I need for us to look at forgiveness and self-pity.  The # one cause for rejection is: someone’s action towards us or negative words that others say about or to us, right?   So, we can then say that because our hearts have been trampled on, we have been abused and rejected,  it is okay to show our selves pity right?

I would have said right once up-on-a-time-ago but I realize that, that is wrong if I wanted to be freed/healed from living a life of always feeling rejected.  If we really want complete healing we have to forgive.  Yes! I said it.  We have to forgive everyone that has hurt us, we have to forgive ourselves and then we have to accept God’s forgiveness.  You may say, I am not at the place to forgive as  yet.  Well then, you are not at the place to be healed.  You may say, I have tried.  I tried talking to them to get them to apologize but they would not which made me hurt even more.  Well, guess what!  It is not for us to make persons who have rejected us apologize.  We can’t make people genuinely sorry for wronging us, that’s the Holy Spirit‘s job.  When someone wrongs us and we have feelings of resentment or hatred towards them, if we truly want to be freed and to be forgiven by God.  It is for us to go and say you hurt my feelings when you did this or said that and I am letting you know that I forgive you.   I know, I know that it is easier said than done but check this out.   We are forgiving them for our healing.  Yes!  some may gloat and try to make you feel belittled or make it harder for you to forgive them but we have to purpose in our hearts to forgive.  Note I said, we have to go and do!  Yes!  Take back our hearts, soul and emotions from the control of the past and rejection.

Take a look at this picture below.


When we choose to hate, resent and not forgive those who have hurt us.  We give rejection, hurt and resentment control over us.   We are literally placing ourselves in bondage as this picture depicts.  We are giving rejection the key to our freedom.  We have handed them control of us to wound us even more.  Get the picture?  Harboring these negative emotions in our hearts and soul holds us in the past and sets us up to be wounded over and over again.  They hold us back in the pain and prevent us from being happy and living the very prosperous life God has in store for us.

We need to forgive ourselves.  I use to meditate on statements like: how could I have let this happen, how could I have done that, how could I have believed that lie or how could I have allowed myself to be treated that way, etc… I could not forgive myself because in my mind I knew better.   So, along with rejection holding me back, there were condemnation  and haughtiness.   My mind was in the pit of bitterness and darkness.   I could not think straight, I found it so hard to sleep, I was heavy in my heart and I physically felt weighted down.  My soul use to hurt all the time and my face would portray how I felt.   What am I saying?  We have to forgive ourselves!  Yes! We make mistakes and we fall but we need to brush ourselves off and get right back up.  Come on!!! You can do this!!! I can do this!!!  🙂

Accepting forgiveness – I know that  not all of you are believers of Christ Jesus but I am and I can testify to the fact that He has helped and is helping me.  I believe that we also need to accept God’s forgiveness.  The bible says that if we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive us and purify us of ALL unrighteousness.

Whatever wrong decisions we made that caused us to hurt or others to hurt.  If we admit our wrongs to God and those we hurt and ask God to forgive us.  He will and not only will He.  He will also make us clean.  It is like it never happen.

I may not know you but I love you and God loves you even more.

All the best for the New Year ;D


8 thoughts on “On the road to healing…. :D

  1. This is the rectify On the road to healing…. 😀 Tired of feeling rejected!! Now I am doing something about it. blog for anyone who wants to essay out out near this topic. You mark so overmuch its virtually wearing to debate with you (not that I real would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new twisting on a issue thats been longhand around for eld. City push, simply high!

    1. Hello, Thank you for your comment. I know that I give a lot of information but it is my experiences. I also try to think of possible doubts or questions persons might have and I try to answer them. God is my guide as well so what I write that is what is on my heart to write. I hope you were blessed by the information and that you share it with someone. Shalom

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