As promised.

Positive affirmations for  everyone:

  • I was not created accidentally.
  • I was created for a good purpose.
  • My destiny depends on the decision I make good or evil; therefore, I shall strive to make good decisions that will never cause arm to anyone including myself.
  • I was not born to be condemned.
  • I am not a failure though I am not the best at everything I do.

Positive affirmations for Christians:

  • I am a child of God (Jn. 1: 10) 
  • I am a branch of the true vine, and a conduit of Christ’s life. (Jn. 15:1, 5)
  • I am a friend of Jesus (Jn. 15:15)
  • I am justified and redeem (Rom. 3:24)
  • My old self was crucified with Christ and I am no longer a slave to sin (Rom. 6:6)
  • As a child of God; I am a fellow heir with Christ (Rom. 8:17)
  • I have been accepted by Christ. (Rom. 15:7)
  • I have been made complete in Christ (Col. 3:1)

That’s it for now.

May God’s peace be with you.

Talk soon.



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